Terms of Use

Risk minimisation strategy – eLearning tools

Defamation, privacy, Intellectual property, child protection issues
  • Every owner of a blog, wiki and LMS must agree to the procedure, terms of use and guidelines dealing directly with these issues and standards of behaviour. The terms of use are embedded links on every wiki, blog and learning management systems and users will have to accept these as a condition of gaining access.
  • Learning and Innovation will keep a record of the blogs and wikis and acceptance of the terms of use and guidelines.
  • Owners have responsibility to not publish and to take down posts or content when alerted to violation of the terms of use.
  • Professional development to include the importance of terms of use and guidelines.
  • All users of these platforms must authenticate before gaining access. Wikis and blogs created as “open” may be viewed on the open web, but contributions can not be made by external public unless authenticated.
  • Inbuilt version control to enable tracking of posts / content.

Malware / systems security
  • Professional development will highlight issues
  • Security: Institute Wikis and blogs have been tested extensively and meet current federal guidelines in regard to SPAM and server safety.

Preservation of information
  • Result to be transferred to corporate site if appropriate
  • Reports can be generated on usage and will be monitored by Learning and Innovation
  • All sites will be archived by Learning and Innovation i.e. sites no longer in use at the end of each Semester will be archived after email confirmation by the owner. These sites will be archived in html format (ePermanence).