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Wikis, Blogs and Learning Management Systems – Factsheet

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A wiki is:
  • a web based service which enables online collaboration of web pages. Each user can edit and save changes to web page content using a web browser. Wikis have emerged as a powerful tool for facilitating mass collaborative authoring, wikipedia being the most famous example.

A blog is:
  • a form of web diary or journal in which an author publishes to other like-minded bloggers within a networked online community sometimes referred to as the Blogosphere.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is:
  • a collection of software tools in one platform e.g. student management, forums, blogs, calendar, content management

Wiki, blog and LMS platforms currently supported at Sydney Institute

Sydney Institute supports two wiki platforms: MediaWiki and Wikispaces. The supported blog platform is WordPress. The supported LMS’s are Moodle and Janison.

MediaWiki: (currently administered by Learning and Innovation)
  • Sits on the Sydney Institute server and is used for collaborative projects run by L&I (staff to staff)
  • Has powerful features
  • More complex than Wikispaces
  • Can be viewed by all of DET.
  • No closed groups
  • Sydney Institute domain log on required

Wikispaces: (currently administered by Learning and Innovation)
  • Sydney Institute has an unlimited user subscription, distributed by Learning and Innovation.
  • Used for teacher to student and staff to staff collaboration.
  • Can be re-skinned to own specifications, has no advertisements, and has SI in the URL.
  • Authentication is via a log on (different to the system log on).
  • Can be public or closed.
  • Central register of wikis is created.
  • Can be accessed from outside the firewall

Wordpress: (currently administered by Web Services)
  • Staff to staff use
  • Sits on the SI Server
  • Accessible via the DET Portal
  • User created registration.
  • Can be viewed by all of DET
  • Can not be accessed publicly

Moodle and Janison. (currently administered by Manager, eLearning and Web Services)
  • Sits on the Sydney Institute server and is used for course delivery
  • Requires user name and password
  • Closed groups

Professional Development:

  • For all the above platforms, training and stakeholder liaison is provided by Learning and Innovation.
  • Knowledge Systems provides the guidelines and terms of use for Sydney Institute wikis, blogs and LMS’s.